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“Entrepreneurship is not born it’s made. Business is a learnable skill.”
~Doug Nelson

Being broke (financial pain)

Dear Past (Pain-Full) Self,

I’m at this event wondering if I should even be in the room.

I mean for Pete’s sake the only thing I know about business is to buy something for cheap and then sell it for higher. Do I even deserve to be i this room full of business people? This is what I was thinking as I make my way for Day 2 of the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Orlando, FL. My friends and I had never started an actual business before.

All we knew is that we no longer wanted to work for someone else, we wanted to be in business for ourselves.

I knew that even though I didn’t know how to start and run a business I could always just learn by modeling others. So, instead of being hesitant to go to this event we got excited and made our way in there with the desire to fill our minds with the mindset of business owners and to be in proximity of them. The following are the notes I took while there for Day 2, with Doug Nelson.

Day 2

  • Entrepreneurship is not born it’s made.
  • If you aren’t doing a minimum of a million dollars a year it’s because you don’t know how. If I knew how I’d be doing it.
  • Business is a learnable skill.
  • Do you have the capacity to learn?
  • Business can create fortunes or absolute struggle.
  • Doug got started after the military doing a few odd jobs and never felt right, especially doing the same thing again that didn’t work before. Finally he snapped and decided to start his own. He learned business from schmucks, because he didn’t know any better.
  • We are the cap on our business. If our business is struggling then that’s how we do business- through struggle. Putting out fires all day is the wrong way to do it but that’s how we learn. Although, we can fix that.
  • If you like money then you should be in business.
  • Business is a vehicle to make fortunes, by adding value.
    • It’s a Ferrari- not a Toyota, Ford, or Honda
      • Learn how to drive that Ferrari, instead of staying in the garage filling it up with smoke.
  • Learn how to start, run, and conduct business properly or you’ll be filling the garage with smoke and not going anywhere.
  • Deep dive into business:
    • Learn financing and raising capital
  • There’s no money in books its a lead to an existing business.
  • Business owners: the night before you start your business is a scary night, full or fear excitement.
  • Play the game to WIN, not just survive.
  • Why is more important than what- when it comes to business.
    • Look at Apple, it’s not about what but why (for them it was to challenge the status quo).
  • Challenge the status quo!!!!
  • Starting a marketing trend:
    • Innovators
      • Have to buy the newest best technologies FIRST
    • Early adapters
      • Don’t get there early but after
    • Early majority (38%)
      • Will eventually get there
    • Late majority (38%)
      • Eventually get there when their current devices/contracts finish
    • Laggers
      • Will never get there because they care about familiarity, and only care about price.
      • Forget about marketing to these people.
  • Market to the Innovators and early adapters who will market to the rest for you!
  • Pay only attention to the few that are willing to buy yours
  • Don’t try to do everything for everybody- NICHE!
    • They come to you because they are attracted to your why.
    • Stop trying to be everything to everybody!
  • Don’t pay attention to your competition!
  • The only competition we have in business is yesterday.
  • Make your product/service better today than yesterday.
  • Focus on the competition of your yesterday.
  • Never sell out stay true to your why.
  • PC was concerned about the what, Apple was concerned about the why.
    • Most ppl in the room switched from PC to Apple
    • Only 2 of 390 switched from PC to Apple
  • 10 things you could be do or have if you had a lot of money (then rate from 1-10 how important it is that you do or have them):
    • Travel to Costa Rica, Thailand, Europe, and Alaska (10)
    • Take care of mom and family (10)
    • Create a non profit (8)
    • Get and do all the things I need to keep my health top notch (10)
    • Buy a house and condo (8)
    • Invest (9)
    • Help other people create their dreams (9)
    • Create and fund a group of friends who are impact makers (8)
    • Put my ideas to work (9)
    • Use my resources to help people start and sell multiple businesses (8)
  • People don’t get what they want because they don’t know WHAT they want.
  • People who know what they want that don’t get it is because they don’t know WHY they want it.
  • Why why why why why
    • This is more important in business and life than anything else. Because it’ll move you forward more than what, how, or when.
  • Write down 3-5 things that you’re passionate about:
    • For me it’s:
      • Health
      • Travel
      • Teaching ppl (esp how to eat, move, and be healthy)
      • Reading, learning, knowledge
      • Writing, blogging and other creative work
  • Post this list somewhere you will see everyday.
  • Self sacrifice only breeds contempt
  • Verbal conditioning
    • “It is better to give than receive.” (This saying originated in old Greece).
      • It’s is better to be in a position to give than in a position where you need to receive.
      • In other words, “it’s better to be rich than poor.”
    • But, being a gracious receiver is very important as well.
  • We teach other ppl ha to treat us.
  • We teach the universe how to treat us.
  • The universe will always do one thing: agree with you.
    • The problem comes from the message we are sending the universe.
  • Resistance from “gifts” gives us pain when we don’t see them as gifts. Like in the example of rain during a camping trip.
  • We are always training the universe how to treat us.
  • The fact that we are alive makes us as willing and deserving as anyone else on the planet.
  • Whether you’re worthy or not is all a made up story.
  • Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.
  • We make ourselves feel worthy- don’t wait for someone to tag you with worthiness.
  • Receiving takes practice, so practice receiving.
    • Pick up pennies, even if they’re dirty
    • It’s not about the penny it’s about the message we are sending
    • It’s about appreciating all the gifts that come your way.
    • When you see them on the ground declare to the universe that, “I am a money magnet! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
  • Reasons OR results
    • If you have no results then there are reasons.
    • But if you have results you don’t need reasons.
    • Excuses are tiny pain pills of not getting results.
      • Don’t have excuse addiction
    • Decide that at the end of your life you don’t want a pile of excuses you want results.
  • Every game has rules. Without rules there ceases to be a game. Do whatever it takes to get what’s yours within the rules of the game.
  • To help the poor don’t be poor bc then you can’t help.
  • Only from abundance can we help others.
  • Create a positive declaration in the present tense, speak it into existence:
    • I have abundance in all areas of my life including my finances and adventure.
  • When doing incantations/affirmations/declarations make sure to engage your VAKS (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and spirit)
    • Say your declaration while you put your hands together and move your hands in circles (visual), while grabbing your ears and massaging the tops and bottoms and closing your eyes (auditory), while touching your elbows to knees (kinesthetic), and while closing your eyes and putting your hands on your heart (spirit).
  • If you don’t share what you’ve been given it’s very possible to lose it.
  • Teach others what you know and it magnifies what you know.
  • Give your knowledge away and more comes back.
  • Skilled business owners include:
    • Doctors
    • Lawyers
    • Trainers
    • Coaches
    • Artists
  • Having talks is a great way to start selling your products or services.
  • You can build your practice by having “talks”, like “health talks” or “spiritual talks” with 5 or more people (mini seminars) where you give valuable info and then after you don’t have to sell, they will ask you for your service/products.
  • You can build empires by giving talks about what you know and just watch the floodgates open up.
  • Duplication is training others to do what you do (that determines success in network marketing).
  • Conquering your first major fear destroys most of your other lower fears (including that of public speaking) which is the number one fear.
    • Most people fear speaking in public, but this is easy to overcome.
  • Communication is everything.
    • Most people are terrible at communicating.
  • Most people will fail because they don’t know what they are doing, especially in the case of speaking in front of people.
  • How money can divide relationships:
    • Money (or lack thereof) can bring out the worst in relationships.
    • Biggest predictors of divorce is when the man starts tuning out
    • People put their money on their self worth.
    • It’s not about money it’s usually about power and control, to some people.
  • Different money types:
    • Hoarders
      • Likes to save save save
    • Spenders
      • Likes to spend spend spend
    • Avoiders
      • Avoids the money subject altogether
    • Money Monks
      • Believes money is beneath them
  • Power and control is the problem between couples and their finances not actually the money.
  • It’s important to reverse the roles so we can see what it’s like to be our money type.


Learn business, it’s a learnable skill!

Your Future (Pain-Free) Self