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“Junk food you’ve craved for an hour or the body you’ve craved for a lifetime. Your choice.”


Problem: Back pain, joint pain, stomach pain, constipation

Dear Past (Pain-FuLl) Self,

I’m warning you now. This post will not be one that you’ll enjoy reading. We have an emotional connection to food and I am going to tell you to eliminate more foods than you would have otherwise ever wanted to (and I’m not just talking about the gluten).

This will probably be the most painful letter yet….because what I’m about to tell you requires a great deal of discipline and self regulation. You need to stop eating some of the foods that you’re currently eating and REPLACE them with healthier choices (which I’ll go into in another post in the future).

Drop the Cheetos and shove some greens in your mouth – I know it’s not easy! Yet, it’s extremely necessary if….

…you wish to conquer your pain to gain pleasure. Let me explain. Some of the foods you eat are causing you inflammation. This inflammation is not limited to ONLY your bones, tissues and organs but also your BRAIN and your GUT! This is not what you want if you wish to be happy, or pain free.

Anything that affects your gut will affect your brain.

If you’re intolerant to certain foods then it’ll produce inflammation no matter what. Most people are very intolerant to the following foods and don’t even know it because it’s been such a huge part of their lifestyles. Lots of people have “enteric amnesia” which basically means they are unaware of how the food they eat makes them feel, because it has become habitual to shove grains in the gaping hole known as your mouth.

Here’s a list of foods that caused you inflammation:

        • Sugar
        • Dairy
        • Gluten
      • Caffeine…and…

According to Dr. Grundy, author of the Plant Paradox:

“There are certain plants that protect themselves by producing proteins known as lectins. These chemicals are like little barnacles that look for specific sugar molecules in our blood, the lining of our gut, and on our nerves. When they find a good spot to land, they cling to those cells, breaking down their ability to communicate with our immune systems.”

These foods also started causing us pain! So, before you stop reading, remember that I’m writing you in case I can go back in time to help you, Yusuf. Eliminating these foods seemed to help out a lot…

Lectin containing vegetables:

Beans & legumes

    • Including the Nightshade plants (which from the Solanaceae family, contain alkaloids like Solanine, Capsaicin, Nicotine, and Tropane which SOME cannot digest).
        • Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, bell peppers and chili peppers
      • Limit the following:
          • Grains
          • Squash
        • Out of season fruit
    • Cut out entirely:
        • Corn and corn fed meats (aka “free-range” meats)
      • Casein A1 milk (conventional dairy)

Wait! Don’t jump off the cliff, Yusuf! I know it’s pretty much all the good stuff, but here’s a question for you:

When people ask, “how are you today?” Do you want to say, “I’m (JUST) fine”? Or do you want to say, “I’m feeling GREAT”? That’s right, you want to say “GREAT!” And if that’s the case then you must make this a priority. Realistically the foods we eat in today’s day have no basis in nature. I mean come on, fries and a fried Oreo’s?!  I’ll admit they are freakin’ de-li-cious…but, seriously, it is ridiculous how unnatural and fake they are.

There’s a reason Tom Brady is in such great shape in his 40’s…

He doesn’t eat nightshades, gluten, dairy, caffeine, or sugar (besides the occasional banana). I get it though, you’re not Tom Brady and you probably don’t play in the NFL. Yet, why not try to model the best to improve the quality of your overall life? Could you imagine what you’d be like if you took on the habits of a Tom Brady, Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods? They all have impeccable discipline with their diets and avoid foods that humans weren’t meant to consume.

You also want to avoid:

        • Any and ALL fast food (yes even Chik-Fil-A)!
        • Fried foods
        • Baked foods
        • Most packaged (processed) foods
        • Artificial dyes and sweeteners
      • Conventional meats (because they’re fed with inflammation causing grains)

I’m surprised you haven’t left or committed suicide by now…kidding, kidding… If you’re still here with me then you’re probably asking yourself, WHAT THE HELL CAN I EAT THEN?! It’s simple:

        • Pasture raised meats
        • Leafy greens
        • Romaine
        • Red & green leaf lettuce
        • Kohlrabi
        • Mesclun
        • Spinach
        • Endive
        • Butter lettuce
        • Parsley
        • Fennel
        • Seaweed/sea vegetables
        • Olives & olive oil
        • Avocados
        • Cruciferous vegetables
        • Broccoli
        • Cauliflower
        • Brussels sprouts
        • Asparagus
        • Garlic
        • Celery
        • Mushrooms
        • Onions
        • Cooked tubers
        • Sweet potatoes
        • Yucca
      • Taro root

Remember: BALANCE is key.

There is a such thing as the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle). The only problem is that those foods are more addicting than cocaine, so when you cheat once, you cheat twice and then three times and then it’s been a week and you have no idea why you are feeling like shit. Maybe, it’s because you ate shit! Remember, “You are what you eat.”

This list isn’t for EVERYone to follow. It’s for you specifically because you want to be strong and have optimal energy that other’s dreams of.

Don’t pay attention to the naysayers and the haters. There are going to be SO many people who will not agree. But 99% of them have never gone a full two weeks just eating greens, meat, cruciferous vegetables, tubers and healthy oils/fats only. When I started eating this way I stopped having constant gas, stopped feeling depressed, my acne cleared completely, and it reduced any aches and pains I had. The haters have no idea whatsoever if this will make them feel better and are just disagreeing because they are unwilling to give up their desires. They simply lack self control and willpower. But not us!

The first 3 days are tough but after that the cravings stop.

Stick to it. If you don’t then your gut will inflame and cause your inner abdominal wall to shut off leaving you at risk for a very vulnerable spine. I’ll explain more in the next blog.

Ask yourself this question about the people who are unwilling to give up those mentioned foods:

“Are they someone I want to be like, or do they have the body and mind I want?” It’s better to compare yourself to Tom Brady and not some random person who’s too lazy to change and doesn’t have the results you’re after in life…I know it’s harsh but it’s the TRUTH. Pay attention to the Tony Robbins and the Tom Brady’s who are the best of the best, and ignore the average, just like you need to ignore these foods so you can conquer pain to gain pleasure in your life and relationships!


Eat better….cut out inflammation causing foods and lectins.


Your Future (Pain-Free) self