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“Never apologize for trusting your intuition -your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.”
~Rachel Wolchin

Back Pain

Dear Past (Pain-Full) Self,

Something in your gut is telling you what is giving you a big chunk of your pain.

Think about it. If you have been stretching, you’ve avoided sitting too much, and you are exercising properly. How can you still have back pain?

It comes from the foods you are eating.

That’s news to some but you should know by now that the foods you eat affect your body… it’s so obvious. You know the saying, “You are what you eat.” Those Cheetos made of genetically modified corn and pasteurized milk cheese solids are not what your body was made to digest…i know, i know, it sucks…but it’s the truth. You now know what those previously mentioned foods do to your gut (if not then check out my previous post), so what I want to do is explain how and why those foods can cause you pain.

It has to do with your natural weight belt.

It’s simple, when your gut is inflamed it shuts off the TVA. WTF is a TVA? It’s called your Transverse Abdominus. It’s the inner abdominal layer (underneath your 8 pack, aka rectus abdominis). It acts like a weight belt around your spine by creating a tight vacuum around it when you move.

Your TVA protects you like a natural weight belt unless it can’t do its job…

The TVA is there to protect your spine from any impacts. The problem occurs when it can’t do its job. When the organs surrounding your gut are inflamed it will cause any muscles surrounding it to shut off. That includes the TVA and your other abdominal muscles. If your TVA is shut off then the constant vibration of your car, the bending with a curved spine, and the sudden movements you are doing every single day are causing your spine to take the direct impact because there is nothing protecting it!

Listen to your gut (LITERALLY)!

Many of us eat foods we are intolerant to because we don’t listen to our guts (no pun intended) because we weren’t taught how to eat properly (or move properly for that matter). Foods like gluten, dairy, and grains are notorious for causing gut problems. They’re just SO addicting (I’ll explain that another day).

Do your gut and ultimately you back and body the favor…

From here on out do yourself a huge favor and avoid those deadly foods that shut off your TVA because you are intolerant to them. You need your natural weight belt (TVA) to work properly so it can contract and relax when necessary to protect your spine. If you make these changes you will conquer pain to gain pleasure in your life and relationships!


Reduce the foods that inflame your gut and pay attention to what you are eating and how it makes you feel.

Your Future (Pain-Free) self