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“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.”

Back & Joint Pain

Dear Past (Pain-Full) Self,

Besides air, what’s more important than water?

NOTHING! So, why do most people waste money on meaningless objects but they pinch pennies when it comes to the water they drink?

Our bodies are LITERALLY made of water, 70-75%.

We would DIE without it. That’s a fact. No need to go into detail about the importance of water. Instead, I’d like to stress the importance of the QUALITY of water that we choose, and how it can either make us or break us…literally. If you wish to live a life full of energy and vitality then you must make this your #1 priority!For Pete’s sake….We are talking about water!

When talking about the quality and why it’s important for preventing pain, we must first talk about…

….our blood’s PH (potential of hydrogen). The pH measures the acidity and alkalinity of the fluids and tissues of our bodies.

Why pH level is important…

From a scale of 1-10, our blood must maintain a pH of 7.365. An easy way to remember that is there are 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. If your pH levels fall below a 7.365 it must pull minerals from our bones, tissues, and organs to buffer that acid…OUCH! This means your bones will eventually develop osteoporosis and weaken. Your spine will begin shrinking, because the tissues and bones it’s made of will start to dry out from trying to buffer the acidity of your blood causing degeneration and…you guessed it…PAIN.

How can lack of QUALITY water create pain?

Ever seen older people who have shrunk in height compared to before? That’s because they did. Their spinal columns are made of bones and discs that were once like fresh grapes until the acidic water they drank turned those columns into raisins.The more acidic your body becomes the more toxic it becomes and the more overweight it becomes. An acidic body becomes a breeding ground for pathogens and toxins which weakens your immune system robbing you of energy making you feel tired and weak. With a tired, overweight, acidic body you won’t have the energy and vitality to get the results you’re after in business and in life. On top of ALL that you will have increased your likelihood for cancer, heart disease, and liver problems.

The easiest way to increase the pH of your blood.

The easiest way to influence your blood’s pH is by drinking alkaline water. Preferably IONIZED ALKALINE WATER (such as Kangen water from Enagic which is the filter I have) or spring water (find ones in glass so the plastic doesn’t slowly destroy you).

When you choose water that is PURIFIED you are drinking ACIDIC water.

The processes of reverse osmosis, distillation, or ozonation overly purifies the water to the point where it’s devoid of minerals that are naturally occurring in the water found in nature as it runs through rocks and sediment picking up magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Since it’s void of these ESSENTIAL minerals your body is like, “What the f*** is this?” So, instead of absorbing it, you end up passing it through your urine VERY quickly because it does not recognize it as water, making you even more dehydrated. Purified water can have an acidity that is as low as a 2 on the pH scale. What do acids do to batteries? Acids break things down! What about alkaline batteries? That’s right! They last longer!

Alkaline Water = Body That Lasts Longer

Water Ionizers produce water with a pH up to 11.5! PLUS this water is full of hydrogens and it’s electrolyzed the same way the Earth’s negative ions and lightening does so to the water in nature. Only a few places have this type of “miracle water” anymore so this machine can prove to be very valuable and has changed the lives of so many people including TONY ROBBINS, BILL GATES, FLOYD MAYWEATHER, MARIAH CAREY, JENNIFER LOPEZ, JAY-Z, and MANY more.

If you don’t take care of this now you will later on be hating yourself for not doing the simplest and most effective thing you can do for your health to prevent pain. Like they say in Japan: ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. There’s a reason they’re among the top longest living people year after year (they use Kangen water ionizers in their hospitals). So, choose better water so that you can conquer pain to gain pleasure in life & relationships.

Drink high quality water

Your Future (Pain-Free) self



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