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“You don’t find your purpose, because your purpose isn’t lost, it’s developed. ”
~Bedros Keuilian

Not knowing my purpose

Dear Past (Pain-Full) Self,

Our purpose is something that we have been developing since we were a wee little child.

We sometimes think we have to find our deepest desires. But we don’t, they are our deepest desires, they have always been there, they aren’t lost. Just like our purpose. It’s not something you just wake up and decide to do. It never happens that way. It comes from so much trial and error about what we have done and what we like to do.

I still wonder if I am on the right path towards my purpose in life.

Still to this day I wonder if I’m doing what the Universe/God intended for me. I wonder if I shouldn’t just stop everything and do something else that would change lives or impact the world faster than being a trainer/coach and writer. But this is what I like to do. It came to me from the experiences I went through in life. So, I’m not going to fight it I’m going to run with it, because it is what makes sense.

It is much easier to find your path once you know the destination.

Now that you know your values and your dream (because you know your nightmare), you will be able to now decide on what would make the most sense for you to do based on what you like to do and what direction you want to go. When you know what your ultimate destination is then the map to get there doesn’t really matter because you will be getting there no matter what, because you actually know where it is. I used to think I would have to find my purpose before I set goals and that is backwards.

You have been living your purpose since you were young.

How is this possible? Well, think about it. Every experience you had as a kid was moving you in one direction or another. For me, I wanted to write books because I loved to read. Then with time, because I was skinny I started working out more than I spent time reading. As time went on life gave me experiences where I needed to work on my body to avoid pain and in doing so I enjoyed the process and was able to teach others so it only made sense for me to make money from it. So, a trainer I became!

Developing your purpose and working on your passions is a part of life no matter how old.

We must always be moving in some direction or we will be lost and aimless. So, why not move in the direction of something that we enjoy and have experience with? There are ways to monetize ANYTHING. If you enjoy making paintings or taking photos then there are ways to make that into your full time job. It’s all about how much desire and faith you have and the action that you take. Don’t be lazy and think that you can’t make it happen, because there are plenty of people I meet all the time who are six figure earners in every space you can think of from selling bracelets to blogging. It’s possible. Believe in your self and trust that you are doing the right thing.

Going to college and getting a safe job is DEFINITELY the easy way out.

This goes back to conditioning from our parents and teachers. They wanted us to take a clear cut path because it made them feel safer, but I’m here telling you that the old path of going to college and getting a degree is the easy way out! It was way easier for me to go to school to be a physical therapist than it was for me to try and start my own training/coaching business. It was scary to have to make my own schedule and start something completely from scratch than to follow a path that was already made and walked before.

I’d rather be broke doing what I love than rich doing what I hate.

When you think about living your purpose I’m sure you visualize yourself doing what you love. This goes back to that saying “if you do what you love then you’ll love what you do.” So, even if I wanted to be rich I had to decide that I was going to be rich doing something I enjoyed or it was never going to be sustainable in the long run. Being a doctor sounded great but 8 years of 80 hour work weeks with little sunlight, eating food standing, and short breaks does not sound very pleasant. But it was honestly the easier path, vs learning how to start and run and business that I’ve never done before. An MBA wont teach me how to start a business, they just teach me management skills and how to count numbers. I’d rather learn from others and experience.

So, when finding your purpose realize you don’t find it – you develop it.

Don’t go looking outside for your purpose, look within yourself. You will realize that you love doing certain things but are probably scared to make it your full time job out of fear and criticism from parents. So, take a risk and live your purpose and fulfill your dreams doing what you love, not what everyone else says is safe or easy!

Develop your purpose from doing what you love, and loving what you do.

Your Future (Pain-Free) Self