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“Most corporate workers are bored and dangerously comfortable. They are in that gray area between love and hate that leaves most with constant low-grade anxiety and an acute sense of wasted potential. This is more common and more damaging than hate, because hate spurs action.? Tolerable mediocrity leads you to wake up one day and ask “what happened to the last 20 years?”… Boredom should scare people as much as hate.”
~Tim Ferriss, Author of The Four Hour Work Week


A painfully boring job, and life…(mental/emotional pain).


Dear Past (Pain-Full) Self,

Life was not enjoyable working at a call center as an outbound sales agent. To say it lightly, it was painfully boring and extremely mundane. I swear I spent more time looking at travel packages than actually working. I questioned why I was there so many times. I could have sworn that I was there for a good reason. But, there I was, 24 years old with a foot in a cast, living at my mom’s again, with no friends and no girlfriend. What was the point of even living?

Oh yeah! I was working there to save money….but what for?

Honestly nothing specific…I had started out wanting to just move out on my own to a place near Orlando that I could afford. But that didn’t inspire me for long. So, my new goal was to move to a place farther away from my home state so that I can have some uncertainty and excitement in my life.

Yet, still this was not inspiring enough…

This random and unspecific goal was not enough to keep me moving forward and keep me wanting to come back again and again to a mundane job. So, I quit….ok, ok- truthfully…I got fired…after clearly not doing my job well enough. But could you blame me? I was living someone else’s dream. I even thought (at some point) that I would be there for the next few years to become a manager. How crazy was I to think that?! That’s not the life I envisioned for myself when I was younger.

I started to realize that I had been this way at every job I ever had: super motivated in the beginning until I got bored and then I either quit or got fired. It was only until I moved to Miami because of this amazing woman who I’m still with, that I became a better worker.

This is what changed:

I decided that enough was enough. I had to start designing my ideal life and lifestyle or else I was going to kill myself (literally- not kidding). I finally got clear on my goals and made them personal and extremely inspiring. I decided to start my brand and business, because I figured I was miserable working on someone else’s dreams so I might as well be miserable creating my own dreams (the logic made sense to me at the time). I always knew that I had a desire to travel the world so I wanted to have a career that would allow me to do that. Building a brand would allow me to do that because all I needed was my laptop, which is perfect for traveling the world.

However, I had no money to fund this dream yet, which meant that I had to get another mundane job….oh no…

I was feeling that deep anxiety in the pit of my stomach when I thought about needing to get another job to pay the bills. But things were different this time because, once I finally got clear on my goals I no longer felt like this new job (at BrainFreeze in Miami) serving ice cream to screaming kids was a waste of time. It’s a mundane job that serves a higher purpose which is to create a brand and business that helped people overcome pain. It “serves” my other goals (ice cream pun).

In fact, inspiring goals give us energy and motivation like never before.

It’s amazing what kind of drive and motivation comes up when we set personal and meaningful goals that inspire us. In fact, I was so inspired by this goal that I decided to get extra jobs. Personal training jobs in Miami were few and far between so I decided to work whereever I could while building my brand and business. At the time, I was a Field Sales Rep for PaLyo Savings (credit card processing), working part time as a “Mad Scientist” at Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream, working part time as a cook at Rice Mediterranean Kitchen all while blogging, making YouTube videos and writing my first book. Talk about a lot on my plate. But I had the drive to do all this because my goals were inspiring enough to me finally.

Oh yeah- did I mention that I was doing all this while sleeping in my car?

My girlfriend and I wanted to attend a seminar in Arizona to help us move our businesses forward, which meant we had to save money for the event. However, for me- I had previous debts to pay so it was either I pay rent or I pay for the trip. So, I asked myself, “Which one would be more beneficial to my future?” So, I packed my things into my car the day before the trip and when we got back I spent the next few weeks sleeping in my car. Nothing was worst than soaking in sweat as I slept in Florida’s ridiculous humidity. But all this felt worth it to me and I performed well with enthusiasm because I knew that these mundane jobs and hard times served my higher purpose in life. The struggle was real- but way worth it.

It honestly made me feel good that I was working hard with 3 jobs and sleeping in my car. I felt like it’s helping me believe that I deserve success.

Even though life was been hard on me in the past I didn’t feel like I deserved success cuz I thought I was lazy. But I wasn’t lazy, I just had “impotent goals” as Tony Robbins would say.” So once my goals got laser specific I became happier doing those annoying things like waking up at 6am, eating no sugar, going to bed on time, avoiding grains, not going out on weekends, saving all my money, and not being able to just stay home and read or watch documentaries all day…I wanted to go to my restaurant job cuz I knew it was getting me closer to my dreams. It was a dream-fund. Not just a job.


Create a vision, goal, purpose that is so inspiring that it motivates and drives you forward through even the most mundane tasks/jobs.

Your Future (Pain-Free) Self